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Registered contractor by New Castle County | Insured and Bonded since 1989

How Solar Works

When The Sun Shines On A Solar Panel It Is Absorbed By The Photovalic Cells In The Solar Panel.
This Energy Creates Electrical Charges That Move In Response To An Internal Electrical Field In The Cell Causing Electricity To Flow.
The Electric Meter Will Then Run Backwards As Long As The Solar System Is Producing Enough Energy To Power The Home Or Business.
Generally, There Is A 70-90% Cost Reduction Of The Electric Bill.
This Also Depends Upon The Amount Of Sunlight That Reaches The Solar Panels.
Trees And The Position Of The Structure Can Have An Effect On The Amount Of Solar Energy That Is Produced.

Questions That Homeowners Should Ask Of Solar Contractors

  • Require A Business License Both From The State And If The City Or Town Requires One
  • Ask If The Business Is Bonded
  • Ask If The Business Has A New Castle County Contractor License If They Are Located In New Castle County
  • Ask If The Contractor Is Able To Get Them A Rebate From De
  • Can The Contractor Offer Them The Low-Interest Loan From De
  • Is The Electrician Doing The Job Licensed—This Is  Not The Same As The Business License

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will A Solar System Cost?

It Depends Upon The Size Of The Home Or Business. $3-$5 Per Watt Or $15,000-20,000 For A 5 Kw System.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Solar System?

It Will Depend Upon The Size Of The Structure, The Slope Of The Roof. But A 5 Kw System Will Take 2-3 Days To Install And Get Running.

Can A Solar System Be Financed?

Yes There Are Several Finance Companies That Will Finance A Solar System. In De, If The Contractor Is An Approved Solar Installer, The Homeowner Or Commercial Property Owner Can Apply For A 4%, Ten Year Loan For Up To 70% Of The Cost Of The System.

What About Power Outages

The Solar System Will Not Provide Power During An Outage As The System Is Connected To The Electric Grid Just As A Normal Electrical System. But-Battery Backup Batteries Are Available That Can Store Energy And They Can Be Programmed To Come On Automatically When The Power Fails, And Can Also Be Directed To Whatever The Home Or Business Wants To Work During An Outage. The Bigger The Battery, The More That It Will Power During An Outage.

Will Solar Panels Affect The Roof?

No. Solar Panels Are Relatively Light. The Solar Installer Will Check The Roof To Be Sure There Are No Issues With It Before Installing The Solar System.

What Happens If A Solar Panel Breaks Or Falls Off The Roof?

Solar Panels Are Relatively Easy To Replace. The Cost Of Solar Panels Is Steadily Decreasing As Well.

Is There Any Maintenance On A Solar System?

Solar Systems Are Relatively Maintenance Free. A Cleaning Every 2-3 Years Is Sufficient.

Do Solar Panels Work At Night?

No. Solar Panels Work By Sunlight. So Any Electric That Is Used At Night Will Caused The Electric Meter To Move Forward. However, Once The Sun Comes Up, The Meter Will Turn Backwards Again.

What Happens If A Solar System Stops Working?

Solar Contractors Offer Warranties On The Installation And Parts. The Suppliers Of The Solar Parts Will Also Offer A Warranty. Sometimes The Systems Will Go Off Line. This Is Relatively Easy To Fix.

Solar Benefits

  • Reduce Cost Of Electricity By 70-90%
  • Federal Tax Dedcution 30%
  • State Of De .70/Watt Up To $6000 Rebate Residential
  • State Of Md Offer Rebates-Varies
  • Advantage When Selling Home Or Business As The Electric Bill Will Be Greatly Reduced
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint On the Environment
  • Low Maintenance—Clean Every 2-3 Years, Easy To Replace Any Panels That Are Broken Or Fall Off The Roof
  • Reduces Water Consumption
  • 7-10 Year Payback Of Cost

Licensed New Castle County Building Contractor

This Has Been Instituted In Order To Protect Homeowners From Contractors That Are Not Licenced Or Insured.
This Building Contractor License Requres The Contractor To Have Workers Comp And Liability Insurance. The Liability Insurance Covers $250,000 For Injuries And Damage During Any Project In New Castle County
Requires Contractors To Have New Home Warranties

Liberty Electric Licensing

We are one of a few Master Electricians in Delaware

State Of De Business License In Business Since 1989
State Of Md Business License
State Of De Master Electrician License
Authorized Solar Installation Contractor For The State Of De
Authorized Tesla Installation Contractor
Authorized Generac Installation Contractor

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