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New Wawa Gas Station and Retail Store with Tesla Charging Stations in Newark, Delaware Complete

In the heart of Newark, Delaware, along Route 273, stands a new beacon of convenience and sustainability. While this bustling Wawa may seem like a seamless addition to the landscape, behind its doors lies a rigorous journey marked by grit, determination, and a commitment to powering a brighter future. 

Turning this two-year plan into reality required an extensive battle with the elements and intricate electrical work. Working mostly during harsh winter days, the team at Liberty Electric and Solar battled frozen ground and large amounts of rain, with mud sometimes reaching knee-deep levels. While unpredictable weather often led to project delays, our team pressed on with unwavering dedication.

One of the most critical components of this project was the extensive ground clearing that had to be undertaken. The land had to be prepared meticulously to accommodate the extensive fuel tanks necessary for the station. It was a crucial step in project planning and ensuring that the new store could serve its community efficiently.

However, the real electrifying challenge lay underground, where the team had to place extensive wiring to meet the power demands of this new Wawa location. Notably, the project included the installation of ten Tesla charging stations, a testament to Liberty Electric and Solar’s versatility and expertise as certified Tesla battery installers.

To meet the power demands of the Tesla charging stations, a transformer had to be strategically placed by our friends at Delmarva Power. The teamwork on this project showcases our commitment to seamless collaboration and effective project execution.

We’re excited to showcase our work in the Newark community and provide a shining example of what can be achieved when determination meets expertise. The charming Wawa storefront and fueling station, at 970 Christiana Road, stands as a testament to our team’s capability to overcome the most challenging circumstances and deliver power where it’s needed most.


This project is not only about wires or electricity. It’s about bringing convenience, sustainability, and a brighter future to our area. We look forward to powering many more projects in New Castle County Delaware and beyond. 

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