In the vibrant shopping hub of the Christiana Fashion Center, adjacent to the bustling iconic Christiana Mall, lies a new retail gem – the Bloomingdale’s Outlet. It’s a place where fashion-forward shoppers can explore premium brands at incredible prices. What most shoppers may not realize is the electrifying journey that made it all possible, thanks to our team at Liberty Electric and Solar.

Christiana Fashion Center, bloomingdales

The installation at the outlet required meticulous work from our team, pairing quality electrical work with aesthetic appeal. To ensure that the store’s electrical systems operated seamlessly, our team had to run electric wires discreetly under the flooring, add tactful electrical panels, install polished track lighting, and position a range of floor outlets to accommodate lavish retail displays. 

Each of these elements plays a pivotal role in creating the perfect shopping ambience, allowing the store to shine brightly and showcase its merchandise flawlessly.

This is just one example of Liberty Electric and Solar’s work at the Christiana Fashion Center. We have proudly completed full electrical installation services for several other businesses in this vicinity:

  1. PM Pediatrics: a trusted pediatric urgent care provider, ensuring the well-being of Delaware’s children.
  2. Ted’s Montana Grill: a dining experience known for its delicious cuisine and warm hospitality.
  3. Trader Joe’s: a treasured grocery store offering unique and high-quality products.
  4. Squisisito: a family-friendly Italian restaurant serving up delicious pizza and pasta dishes.
  5. Famous Footwear: a go-to destination for affordable athletic footwear.

Our contribution doesn’t end with installations. We also provide ongoing maintenance assistance to the shopping center, including routine duties like changing bulbs on parking lot lighting polls and other outdoor lighting fixtures. These efforts help create a safe and inviting shopping environment for customers, ensuring that their retail experience is not only enjoyable but also secure.

Liberty Electric and Solar’s work at the Christiana Fashion Center exemplifies our team’s commitment to electrifying dreams and powering businesses, making us a trusted partner in Delaware’s thriving retail landscape.

Check out our work at Bloomingdales Outlet, located at 2510 Fashion Center Boulevard. We look forward to enhancing more businesses and expanding Delaware’s retail hubs in Newark and beyond!